Overcoming Anxiety

Most children suffer from anxiety occasionally, and this is completely normal. But when ongoing fears and worries begin to affect behaviour, learning, social and family relationships it can feel like a negative spiral.

The Overcoming Anxiety Programme is a guided self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme developed by Dr Lucy Willets and Dr Cathy Cresswell of the Berkshire Anxiety Clinic. It aims to reduce anxiety by challenging anxious thoughts and changing patterns of behaviour. Recognising that the people usually best placed to support their children are their own parents and carers, the programme is delivered directly to them; they then work with their child, using the tools and techniques learned in the sessions.

Proven to be effective, the programme focuses on a specific area of anxiety, developing a step-by-step plan to allow the young person to gradually confront their fears. Focusing on giving them a sense of control rather than seeking reassurance from others, children are eventually able to manage potentially anxious situations successfully. Having experienced success in one area, this framework can then be applied to other areas over time.

The 1:1 programme consists of eight weekly sessions, four delivered face to face, and four by telephone, and relies on the child and their parent/carer having a good relationship. If the parent/child relationship has broken down, it would be appropriate to have a period of family support before attempting the Overcoming Anxiety programme.

For details of cost and provision in your area, please get in touch.

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